DGR Training

Due to DG Recruit’s success and strong business practices founded on recruitment fundamentals, processes, and best-in-class practices, Dandan provides training services and support to recruitment firms who need a dynamic, hands-on, and top-billing role model to get their recruitment sales, delivery, and full-desk recruitment teams up to speed, performing at the top 1% level.

DGR Training Modules Include:

Candidate mastery:

How to get candidates to tell you everything you need to know to grow your recruitment business

Process Control:

The best strategies to ensure your actions are resulting in procuring successful placements at every step and building your pipeline

Client Development:

Become a trusted advisor, guide, and go-to recruitment professional that clients listen to, respect, and partner with exclusively

Procure retainers:

How to pitch, strategize, and deliver on retained business

Negotiation Tactics:

Whether with a client or a candidate, learn the best ways to ensure both sides reach a happy medium to move towards successful placements

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