Jasmina Makota

Since joining the DG Recruit family in November 2018, Jasmina has been rapidly building up her network of top recruiters through the valuable advice she shares both through LinkedIn and direct consultations with her candidates.
With her previous agency recruitment experience at a New York-based Compliance & Legal staffing firm, Jasmina creates authentic, supportive, and meaningful connections with her candidates, many of whom are passive and not looking to make a career move immediately.

As a child of a single female immigrant, Jasmina learned the importance of persistence, hard work, and financial freedom early on, especially for women. Therefore, she is eager to advocate for you and advise you on how to leverage your accomplishments to take your career to the next level.

Outside of helping top recruitment professionals advance their careers, Jasmina has been singing professionally since she was 10, with multiple albums and global awards and shows under her belt. In addition, she is an active hiker, traveler, and quite the talented impersonator! She also has an entrepreneurial spirit and co-owns a large hostel business in Croatia.

Jasmina would be glad to support you in your agency recruitment career.Get in touch
jasmina@dgrecruit.com for a private consultation.