Gonen Ergas

Since joining the DG Recruit family in September 2018, Gonen leads from the front in terms of speed, efficiency, and dedication to provide the best candidate experience. Gonen diligently designs impressive resumes for candidates at all levels and is intent on progressing their career within agency recruitment.

Coming from an extensive background in financial wealth management, he has hit the ground running to leverage his strengths as an analytical, organized, and forward-thinking salesperson to properly advise and prepare his candidates for financial, life, and career success.

Gonen deeply understands and empathizes with his candidates’ journeys and motivations. He is eager to walk every candidate through the various compensation models, open opportunities, and career strategies that work best to curate more success. He is a true advocate of providing education on all the different opportunities that the recruitment industry offers.

When Gonen is not engaged with his candidates for exciting agency roles, he enjoys hitting the beach with his family and lighting up the grill as the reigning grill-master.

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