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As recruiters, we know more than anyone else the crazy workload and lifestyle you have. We are here to help make life and career progression as easy as possible for you.

If you’re not sure what to do next in your career, whether that’s going internal, joining a better commission opportunity, improving your lifestyle while on the agency side, progressing into a senior agency recruitment role, or transitioning out of recruitment, we want to hear from you and advise you appropriately utilizing our expertise of speaking with recruiters from all walks of life and professional experiences in our industry.

For experienced agency recruiters, DG Recruit is eager to help you explore and network with us to learn more about the wonderful world of agency recruitment. We start by creating a beautiful resume that highlights your achievements and transcribes your potential into written form.


For your free resume creation guide and to access Dandan’s resume as an example, complete the form below to obtain your free DG Recruit Resume Guide.

Resume Creation

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