Recruitment Services

As die-hard agency recruiters, the DG Recruit team specializes in promoting, educating, and connecting top talent within agency recruitment to our premier recruitment agency partners, improving our clients’ business, future, and growth trajectory.

Understand your need

We evaluate your business model, compensation plan, and past successes and failures within the hiring front in addition to sharing detailed insight

and consulting you on current market conditions and your competitive landscape in your markets.


The DG Recruit team starts hunting

Our team relentlessly pursues passive and active talent who are passionate about staying on the agency side.

We rigorously vet candidates and only represent candidates who have withstood our tough questioning, compensation education process, and prove to be a good fit.


We handle the process for you transparently.

We’ll let you know of all candidates who can realistically do the job and embody the cultural qualities and skill-sets you desire.

Furthermore, we’ll keep you posted of all of their stage of activity, feedback, compensation, and timing needs well in advance as well as in real time. Our team responds in a timely manner that allows you to get the information you need as soon as possible.


Close out the process

Let’s strategize on the best way to negotiate and secure talent for your needs. We’ll be eager to abide by your strategies and advise accordingly on what we think is most suitable for every given situation as no one process or candidate will go the same way.

We’re here to listen, support, and counsel you on what our chances for success are and recommend best strategies for success.

While we are a premium recruitment vendor that won’t suit every client, we are perfect for agency recruitment firms who are looking for a long-term, collaborative, sales-oriented, and highly aggressive recruitment partner to grow your firm rapidly and on a consistent basis.

Your privacy is important to us. Your message is 100% confidential and will only
be submitted to the DG Recruit team privately. Thank you for your discretion.