DG Recruit Podcast

DGR 38 Cold Calling Tips

When talking to candos and clients - make sure to keep these tips in mind!

As a top full-desk perm recruiter since I was 23, I had to learn right quick how to get successful on the phone as a telesalesperson because if I couldn't sell, I'd be dead in the water and my dream of being top-biller status would fade into nothingness. Adopt these behavior patterns EARLY in your career ASAP. Communicate more effectively so that you can create the ultimate money-making machine: having your candidates and clients love you so much, they sell you! Got Questions? contact@dgrecruit.com

DGR 37 Why Your Candidate should use YOU as their headhunter

Techniques to increase engagement with your candidate

In today's competitive environment where top recruiters are taking over candidate markets, it's hard to stay ahead of the game unless you can really explain to your candidates why they're better off using YOU as their headhunter. Listen to 7 things you can offer your candidate that's going to help them by utilizing you as their designated representative. Get ahead of your competition by being the best you can be for your candidates!

DGR 36 How to work with DG Recruit

Learn more about DG Recruit and how best to work with us!

DG Recruit is a headhunting firm dedicated to helping headhunters and recruiters maximize their career opportunity.  In addition to producing the DG Recruit Podcast, we represent top recruitment leaders find high-growth career opportunities with our premier agency partners. Our passion is helping connect amazing sales-oriented go-getters with the best firms that will provide incredible career opportunities. For a confidential conversation, connect with any authorized member at DG Recruit.

DGR 35 What degree you need for a recruitment career

Headhunters, Agency Recruiters: hear advice on the degree suggestions and background required for success!

As agency recruiters, our job consists of selling for the most part, which funny enough, isn't really correlated to educational level or academic achievement. Achievement as a WHOLE is certainly correlated to success within recruitment, but not necessary book smarts, as they say! Take a listen to hear what ACTUALLY matters if you're serious about a career in agency recruitment and our sales job!

DGR 34 Stewart Cherry SVP Americas Oliver James Interview

Advice on moving countries as a recruiter and leader, career progression in headhunting

As a top producer and senior recruitment leader, Stewart Cherry, Senior Vice President Americas of Oliver James Associates, a global recruitment firm that's rapidly expanding worldwide with a huge focus on the USA. Stewart shares advice on: - What it's like to move countries as a recruitment leader to the USA - Career advice to junior AND senior recruiters on how to progress  - How his career developed and key learns Connect with Stewart on LinkedIn and Dandan at DG Recruit to discuss more!

DGR 33 Should you start your own Recruitment Agency or Not

As an Agency Owner and past recruiter at a global firm, here are my thoughts

As the Founder of DG Recruit, a headhunting firm servicing top-billers and recruiters internationally, recruiters always ask me, should they start their own firm: why or why not? In ep 33, I cover 7 MAJOR points that every recruiter MUST think about before taking on such a major life, career, and business decision. Most importantly, don't go through the pain, financial setback, and life detours that failure could earn you.

DGR 32 How to Get Started In Investing

Investing is the fastest way to wealth, make your money work for YOU!

As a millionaire by 30, I got rich off of my investment decisions and behaviors geared towards leveraging my skills and capital to achieve more capital. By 28, I had accumulated enough knowledge and wealth to quit the corporate world. In this podcast episode, I share the mindsets and actions I adopted to get started in investing!

DGR 31 How to Manage Your Personal Finances

Philosophy, advice, and actions you can absorb and enact today to create wealth

As headhunters, it's easy to get high on the highs and the lows can truly knock you out. This episode is one of many moving forward that explores the way to look at money and also the labor efforts you put into your career - ultimately, understand, determine, and tenaciously hold on to your plan to achieve the life you want and in the past could only dream of. With the right planning, of course your future can be exactly what you planned it to be!

DGR 30 Why Internal Recruiting Can be a Challenging Job

Lots of agency recruiters think it's better going internal - here are 5 reasons you MUST consider

Many recruiters find agency recruitment so grueling and underpaying that they decide going internal is the default next step. I intimately witnessed internal recruiters' sufferings, limitations, and painful life experiences that proved, contrary to popular belief, that agency recruitment is ironically more stable, higher-paying, and more fulfilling as a career. Listen to all 5 reasons why internal recruitment is truly not what you assume it is. Don't make a mistake that could cost you your career!

DGR 29 How to Prepare for Recruitment Interviews

Want to be a headhunter or get your next headhunting job? Gotta get Prepped!

As a new grad, I had no idea what I was getting into when I went for my first recruitment interview. However, I implemented a lot of the same tactics I describe here to present myself and my interest in sales in the best way possible to increase my odds of being selected into the role. At my firm DG Recruit, I help recruiters best prepare themselves for interviews as they evaluate the headhunting and staffing firms we represent. Get in touch for a confidential discussion today!