DG Interview Coaching

As premier recruiters for recruitment firms (Rec2Rec), DG Recruit is dedicated to providing any candidate we represent all the resources, support, and advice we can to help them land a job through our services, which includes interview prep!

We are a top recruiting firm that services the best headhunters in our industry and those with the highest potential for success in our sales career. Thus, when we do decide to move forward and represent you to our exclusive client network, we will 100% work on your behalf tirelessly to advocate for you. In addition to working on your resume, we’ll coach you on how best to nail your interviews, presentations, work samples, and self-introductions. Furthermore, we’ll cover the complicated topic of compensation, income negotiation, and process management every step of the way, so you know how to best handle intimidating situations, awkward moments, or any other tough conversation that could arise.

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