Career Advice

The DG Recruit team knows the challenges and triumphs of the career and lifestyle of agency recruiters. Many of us have worked in an agency environment so we uniquely understand the good, bad, and ugly that comes with this hugely rewarding, yet stressful and rapidly-changing role.

If you’re not sure what to do next in your career, whether that’s going internal, joining a better commission opportunity, improving your lifestyle while on the agency side, progressing into a senior agency recruitment role, or transitioning out of recruitment, we want to hear from you and advise you appropriately utilizing our expertise of speaking with recruiters from all walks of life and professional experiences in our industry.

We’re especially excited to build relationships with recruiters early in their careers, established top-producers, and/or don’t have an immediate need to move. Passive candidates are our specialty as we truly understand the internal struggle, confusion, and lack of outside advice and networking that all of us suffer from in this highly sheltered, fragmented, and private industry.

DG Recruit will be glad to consult with you on a 100% confidential basis to see if we can provide valuable advice to help you maximize your agency recruitment career.

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