The DG Recruit Story

DG Recruit was created to service one need: to help you maximize your career in agency recruitment.

As a top headhunter, Dandan amassed a fortune by the time she was 28, leading her down the entrepreneurial path of creating Dandan Global, a career coaching business that attracted Victor Wong to transition out of finance into creating a unique recruitment firm. Thus, DG Recruit was born.

Now, the DG Recruit team leverages Dandan's extensive top-billing sales and candidate-care methodologies to provide exciting career opportunities for recruitment professionals. Our specialty is helping passive candidates network confidentially with rapidly-scaling recruitment firms to take their career and business opportunities to higher heights.

We also help college graduates and professionals from all backgrounds break into the highly lucrative and fulfilling career of agency recruitment. If you're ready to get started, click here.

If you're a recruitment firm that's looking to grow with the best agency recruitment talent, . Learn more about how to partner with DG Recruit here.

Dream Team

We are a rapidly growing startup that is diverse, remote, and mobile. We are eager to train, hire, and grow the careers of top recruiters for agency recruitment professionals.

Dandan Zhu

In 2018, Dandan Zhu and Victor Wong created DG Recruit, THE recruitment firm to help you maximize your career in agency recruitment.

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Victor Wong

Prior to starting DG Recruit, Victor spent 7 years in banking. While he had an appreciation, but also distaste for numbers, models, and spreadsheets

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Senior Recruiter
Stephanie Duong

Being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company's long and short term plans.

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Senior Recruiter
Grace Marlin

Grace enjoys building partnerships with her clients to help them build out their teams while supporting and advising her candidates.

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Gonen Ergas

Gonen leads from the front in terms of speed, efficiency, and dedication to provide the best candidate experience by diligently designing impressive resumes for candidates at all levels intent on progressing their career within agency recruitment.

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Jasmina Makota

Jasmina creates authentic, supportive, and meaningful connections with her candidates, many of whom are passive and not looking to make a career move immediately.

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